Meet the Team

From CEO to junior geek – Everybody here plays a key role in the progress. We’re a pretty relaxed bunch of people doing everything we can to provide easy and effective business solutions.

  • Gaurav Sharma Gaurav Sharma Founder & CEO A chemical engineer, passionate about "coding". Started off with a dream of having his own company back in his high school days. He has been building and investing SaaS companies and keep an eagle eye to acquire. He is a big follower of lean startup methodology and pushes the whole team to keep shipping products and features. Having strong faith and affinity for his teammates, he is truly called a "Startup Magnet" by his team Facebook Twitter Linkedin
  • Ammrita Ammrita Founder & COO Software Engineer with her own startup experience. People are awestruck with her varied experience at such an age.The skill to 'bridge the gap' between the management and technical issues , makes her an excellent facilitator. She can be seen chatting and laughing when not working on the different products in line. Fashionista at heart, she loves putting in a lot detailing into everything. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
  • Sakshi Singh Sakshi Singh Human Resource Manager She is the team maker of SaaS Labs. Every job applicant MUST impress her in order to join our elite team. In office, she is omni-visible probably because she is the tallest in the team. If not interviewing, she can be found writing her next post on her secret blog. Go check it out! Facebook Twitter Linkedin
  • Sanjay Negi Sr. Marketing Manager His laugh equals Hailey's Comet! He is one man army for digital marketing strategy for the company. His "Funda" is simple - Work hard and Party...err...drink harder! A comfy place to sit with a beer & fully charged internet connected laptop is all he needs! Facebook Twitter Linkedin
  • Prateek Khurana Sr. Software Developer He is the code expert, prefers doing his work with music playing by the side. He likes his tea hot and computer cool while building the product. The interesting fact about him is, he has a background of VLSI and passionate about Cars! Facebook Linkedin
  • Tushar Shukla Developer A calm personality, sitting in the corner with his music playing along. He adds life to the techies day by pushing team to play a bit while coding! He can be seen with the designers putting in his best efforts up. Whilst away from the codes, he will be updating his social sites, with his patent smiling face and raised eyebrow! Facebook Twitter Linkedin
  • Tejendra Gehlot Developer His words are apt for any situation, easily comes up with quirky yet confusing although funny words. Acts as a guide to the team with a steady plan of action. Possesses ability to self assume responsibility and turn any project into a successful one. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
  • Aditya Sharma Customer Success ManagerAditya is a 'small packet - big Dhamaka!' He is a passionate person and a multi-tasker who keeps a track of everything including listening silently to other team members and giving his happy time smile. He has varied knowledge on every subject and you will be convinced by the explanations! Facebook Linkedin
  • Deepak Sisodia Graphic Designer Particular about the color scheme, dimension and feel of his graphics. His work's impact matters a lot to him. Theme is HIS thing, probably its because of the love for photography and the OCD of giving everything a theme. \ Facebook Twitter Linkedin
  • Anukriti Graphic Designer A lean, short figure capable of hushing down anyone with her calculative selection of words. 'Listen, Smile, Agree and Do whatever you want to do' is what she lives by. She is "Granny" of the team, keeping a check on everyone and making sure work gets done on time. Facebook Linkedin
  • Vivek Yadav Developer He is our Code-Ninja, Code Bugs are his enemies. If left on his will, he becomes a marathon coder and can sit for hours continuously. Believes in delivering a perfect code ALWAYS! His fingers are his sword, and he smashes the bugs one after the other, time and again. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
  • Santa Singh iOS Developer He is a soft spoken and cheerful guy. From his innocent looks, no one can make out that he has a great crush, not for a girl but for an ‘Apple’. He possesses deep insights about developing advanced application for mobile devices, powered by Apple’s IOS. During week-end get together, he manages with soft drinks and adds tons of fun with Punjabi tadka! Facebook Twitter Linkedin
  • Aman Sales Executive Facebook Twitter Linkedin